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Join Guide Technologies at inPOWER 2022

Infor XA User Conference | September 19-22 | The Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee, WI 

inPOWER 2022 has been announced as an in-person conference this fall! The event is a fun and informative user conference for all of Infor’s iSeries ERPs (Infor XA is the dominant ERP in that group). inPOWER is not an IT conference but is designed for XA users, and Guide would love to see you there!

Networking Opportunities, Exciting Announcements & iPad Giveaway

inPOWER is a great opportunity for Guide customers and the Guide team to connect and discuss how Guide can continue to help you get the most out of your XA investment. In addition, we have an exciting announcement to share at our Thursday morning session, after which we will do a drawing to select the lucky winner of an Apple iPad.

inPOWER Event Resources & Answers to All Your Questions

Got questions? Just click on one of the team member images below to contact the corresponding Guide team member, and they will respond to you promptly.

Check out the Quick Links below for useful information to help you plan your trip. We look forward to seeing you in Milwaukee!

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Guide Team Members 

Join the following Guide team members at the event. In addition to their presence at the Guide booth to visit with attendees and answer their questions, several team members will be presenting sessions throughout the event.

Guide Sessions Agenda
SessionDateTimeSpeakerConf. RoomDescription
Session G2: Pricing the Customer Order - What are my options?Tuesday, Sept. 201:15 PMJulie ShoemakerWoodland CAre you managing your pricing using Excel spreadsheets and other “outside the system” methods? Did you know XA has extensive pricing capabilities that are often left unexplored? This session is an overview of base price, price books, and contracts, which are the foundation of XA Pricing. Come explore how you can utilize what XA has to offer to streamline your order entry process.
Session E3: An XA Costing How-To Guide (Last, Standard, Average, add FIFO, LIFO) Understanding average costing, warehouse transfersTuesday, Sept. 202:15 PMRick AltenauFieldstone WestConfused by all the cost fields in XA? How does standard costing work? How do I track WIP? Should I use Last Cost? Average Cost? When I create a new card, which cost fields should I use? This session will take the confusion out of costing. Learn why all those cost fields are there, and which ones are important to your company.
Session G3:
Features & Options
Tuesday, Sept. 202:15 PMJulie ShoemakerWoodland CDid you know XA has a configurator built in? This configurator for make-to-order items is part of native XA and allows for a single Item Revision record with options to be selected at customer order entry. These options then pass seamlessly to the corresponding manufacturing order. This session explains how this feature works and what set-up is required for use, costing, and planning.
Session G6:  Tailoring XA: Time to Take Another Look?Wednesday, Sept. 219:00 AMRick AltenauWoodland CQuestionnaires, control files, environments, logical partitions, companies, financial divisions, sites, workspaces, warehouses … enough to make your head spin? When was the last time you looked at configuring your XA system? This refresher course will review where and how configuration takes place in XA today.
Session F7: Path to Successful Business MergersWednesday, Sept. 2110:00 AMJulie ShoemakerWoodland BYou've acquired a new company. Now what? More and more of the projects companies are taking on center around data merges, due to acquisitions and system consolidations, but most companies don't know where to start. This session will cover what to consider from planning to execution.
Session F8: Infor Planning Systems - Executive Briefing
Wednesday, Sept. 2111:00 AMRick AltenauWoodland BSession 1 of 4, focused on Infor Planning tools. ThruPut, Visual Planner, Traditional Planning, Kanban Planning, and OSWO (you have to see the session to learn that acronym). Which system is best for you? What are the differences? Learn here why those advanced planning options sitting on the shelf in IT may make sense for your business. You’ve heard of those companies that reduce inventory and increase customer service? Let’s make you one of them.
Session H8: Moving to the Cloud: Options and Customer Success StoriesWednesday, Sept. 2111:00 AMCarlos VelaWoodland DSession 3 of the 3-part Infor Saas Series. Thinking of moving to the Cloud? Join Guide Technologies Consulting Manager Carlos Vela for a comprehensive overview of your options to move to the Abacus/ICO cloud. There are multiple cloud options, disaster recovery levels, operational savings and migration paths that you will want to consider before taking the leap. As each option is presented, Carlos will include details of how a solution has helped customers who have already blazed the cloud trail before you!
Session K8:
Customer Promotions, Rebates and Discounting - A Guide Product that does it all.
Wednesday, Sept. 2111:00 AMJulie ShoemakerLapham 2Do you have complex pricing needs when running promotions and XA price books aren’t sufficient? So do many customers! In the retail industry this is a common theme, but it also applies across most industries. If you have a need to establish, manage and track complex customer-facing programs around Promotions, Rebates, Discounting, and more. You won’t want to miss this session. Guide Technologies has developed an add-on product for XA CSM that allows for even the most complex scenarios to be set up, approved, executed and fully tracked into sales history for reporting and analytics. You set the time period for the promotion to run, establish all the related business/sales rules, and the customer order will automatically get priced according to your rules!
Session E10: Using XA CRMWednesday, Sept. 212:00 PMJulie ShoemakerYou have it, why not use it? The XA CRM module contains several features such as Account, Contacts, Campaigns, Opportunity tracking, Lead tracking, and post-sales support. This session highlights the features and discusses both their intended use and some of the creative ways this module has been used for RMA tracking, R&D tracking, and other unique solutions.
E11 - Subcontract Operations in XA - What does it do?Wednesday, Sept. 213:00 PMRick AltenauDo you integrate your outside processing (heat treating, painting, plating, etc.) with your manufacturing schedule? Are service purchase orders automatically generated for outside processes? Learn how XA integrates this process into the manufacturing order, WIP costing, and inventory control.
Guide Partner Session Pt I: Smart Factory MESThursday, Sept. 228:00 AMSusan KraisingerWoodland AJoin Guide and General Electric as we present and discuss our new partnership and venture, which will bring XA users Smart Factory MES -- a suite of on-premise and cloud solutions to enhance and transform their XA MES experience. You won’t want to miss this session if you’re looking to further reduce costs, improve quality, and increase production.
Guide Partner Session II:
Guide Products Roundtable
Sept. 22
10:30 AMRandy
Woodland AJoin Guide Consulting Manager Randy Kenney for a customer Q&A session and roundtable session focused on Guide products, such as System-Link Toolkit, eFinancials Essentials, and Scan-N-Track data collection tool for XA.