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The Industrial Machinery & Equipment manufacturing industry is facing many challenges such as shrinking profit margin, increasingly complex supply chains, and complex product cycles. The quick pace of technological advancements, increasing customers’ expectations, and pressure to get innovative products to market as quickly as possible, put tremendous pressure on Industrial Machinery & Equipment manufacturers. Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery & Equipment enables manufacturers to optimize their supply chains, reduce development cycles while increasing efficiencies and driving down costs.

We understand the challenges in Industrial Machinery & Equipment.


Industry Modernization & Consolidation

As Industrial Machinery & Equipment manufacturers look to grow their business they are challenged by siloed business solutions that may be heavily customized. Old technology does not always meet industry requirements, which means manufacturers are forced to customized to fit industry requirements. These outdated solutions stop manufacturers from taking advantage of emerging technology and do not prepare them with industry best practices to support efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness for a modern manufacturer.


Increasing Complex Supply Chain Networks

Today’s Industrial Machinery & Equipment manufacturers deal with a complex supply chain and limited end-to-end supply chain visibility. Supplier collaboration is no longer an option and data sharing with suppliers and customers is not transparent. Manufacturers must orchestrate production across co-manufacturers as well as ensure that they have the MRO inventory to support service. Demand planning is incredibly important to meet customer needs and keep costs in check. This is extremely difficult when so much supply chain data exists outside of their four walls.


Increased Pace of Product Innovation

Industrial Machinery & Equipment manufacturers are facing a shift in customer buying behavior related to product innovation and personalization. In the past, customers often purchased expensive products that may take long to deliver and hopefully last for a long time. Instead, now these customers are looking for more customized products, requiring manufacturers to change the ways they design and deliver. In addition to shifts in customer buying behaviors, manufacturers must adhere with increased regulatory and quality concerns.


Reducing Costs & Driving Services

Rising material costs, poor resource/asset utilization an inefficiency on the shop floor and in the warehouse are just a few challenges related to reducing costs and driving services. Industrial Machinery & Equipment manufacturers must ensure that the services business is profitable as well as that the right skillsets are recruited and retained to maximize productivity. IOT data is a major component of enabling optimized services. At the same time, these manufacturers need to ensure that they are able to utilize resources effectively to deliver profitable projects in their existing business model.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery & Equipment Solves Industry Challenges

  • Improve productivity and drive growth with industry-specific functionality
  • Scalable and secure cloud solution
  • Integrated global business process support

Results: 15-30% increase in productivity, 10-20% improvement in operational efficiencies, and 10-15% faster time to value

  • Maintain full visibility with an end-to-end commerce network
  • S&OP and supply chain planning and optimization
  • Multi-Site, multi-logistics inventory planning
  • Manage holistically with warehousing and fulfillment in a unified application

Results: 6-8.5% reduction in inventory, 99% on-time shipments, 15-20% shorter delivery times

  • Product Lifecycle Management with Automotive specific regulatory, quality, and supply chain impact analysis
  • Facilitate customer communication with configure, price, quote capabilities

Results: 5-10% reduction in time and cost to launch new products , 4-6% increase in quote to order conversions

  • Expand and enhance service offerings
  • Shop floor automation and Workforce Management
  • Optimize utilization and throughput with best-in-class Enterprise Asset management
  • Enable new business models and drive revenue with integrated Field Service Management

Results: 20-30% reduction in unplanned downtime, 12-15% improvement in maintenance productivity

Successful Industrial Machinery & Equipment Clients

Learn More About Infor CloudSuite Machinery & Equipment

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery & Equipment provides a solution with multiple flexible and simple to use methods to perform multi-site including multi-currency and multi-language all from a single instance of the solution. It provides consolidated manufacturing, procurement, service management and finance.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery & Equipment incorporates the newest technology with a consumer grade beautiful user experience for multi-site organizations and most importantly does not need to be customized.


  • A complete solution for all regions and methods of handling multi-site warehousing and manufacturing
  • The multi-site capabilities are easy to use and implement and flexible depending on customer agreements
  • All multi-site activities are integrated to finance in a single instance with one solution
  • Multi-site Activities can be planned as opposed to being adhoc

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery & Equipment’s “Out-of-the -box” capabilities provide global supply chain planning and transparency across all suppliers and outsourced business partners within the extended supply chain. Infor manufacturing and assembly supports multiple manufacturing strategies (ETO, CTO, BTO, MTS, etc.) to reduce complexity, ensure process efficiency and provide accurate costing.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Machinery & Equipment is a single solution with multiple methodologies with best in breed capabilities.

• Improved flexibility and agility
• Streamlined Operation Costs
• Control the entire product lifecycle, from configuration (as design), production (as build) to service (as maintained)
• Service Model to plan and control contracts with customers supporting

Infor CloudSuite Machinery & Equipment delivers integrated business process to define product structures and configurations the way they are developed and enhanced providing total flexibility from concept to delivery. The built in product definition capabilities and integrations with manufacturing provides the most flexible and automated solution for managing design-to-delivery of various product types.

Infor CloudSuite Machinery & Equipment is a single user interface that is easy to use and provides visibility and collaboration across all areas of the supply chain.


  • Product development activities are directly linked to sales opportunities.
  • Easy access to centralized data repository (specs, documents and product data) for accurate information and a single version of the truth.
  • Accurate portfolio / life-cycle decisions to improve revenue and reduce costs.
  • Easy order entry and available-to-promise calculations.
  • Accurate cost analysis for all product revisions and configurations.



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