Web-Based PO




The business needs MRO supplies to keep the business running, but where is that tool you need on this job? What if you had an urgent need for parts in order to keep a work order on schedule? You know a requisition was submitted but where is it? You need to know now, it’s holding up production! 

Manual processes are littered with a lack of control, inefficiency, lack of visibility, and non-value-added work. G Automation of your PO requisition processes with Guide's Web-Based PO for Infor XA boosts productivity and profitability for manufacturers.

Web-Based PO: Features & Functionality

  • Metrics and audit controls are out-of-the box, more can be added.
  • Increase efficiency immediately and watch your costs drop while visibility and accuracy increase.
  • Notifications and alerts can be delivered on any device, anywhere for fast response.
  • Store all documents, emails, notes, etc related to the requisition in one place.
  • Get control with Guide’s solution! Guide’s Web-based PO Requisition System is highly flexible and customizable to fit your role and what you want to see, when you need to see it.
  • It is tightly integrated with your XA ERP to eliminate redundancy and data integrity issues.
  • Guide’s Web-based PO Requisition System brings visibility and control! In seconds you can know exactly the status of that Req and who to contact.
  • It is web-based, making the information easily accessible from any device, at any time, from anywhere, globally!

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System-Link Toolkit (SLTK): Latest & Greatest Features


  • Visibility to track status, provide backup approvers, and escalation
  • A system that works globally, from anywhere on any device
  • Web-based! Geographic and device independent to provide centralized control and remote access
  • Tightly integrated to Infor XA and highly customizable
  • Flexible sorting and searching to find your data quickly
  • Pre-defined business rules to control roles and workflow
  • Adapts easily as personnel and roles change
  • Secure and role-based to protect your data and control access & visibility