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Not all XA transactions are supported in Integrator/Powerlink yet.  The data capture screens for the XA transactions do not “fit” on RF guns.  TRDATA is confusing and difficult to use for capturing / editing transactions.  Companies want real-time validation for transactions throughout the shop as they are occurring.  “Move it / transact it / validate it” should be the mantra of all world class manufacturing companies.  With Scan-N-Track you have all you need in one easy to use solution tightly integrated with XA!


  • Built in HTML5, works from any input device that supports HTML5 (iPad, Smart Phone (Android or iOS), PC internet browser, and/or RF scanning guns)
  • Performs real-time edits for all XA transactions (just as if the user were hand keying into the XA screens, whether Powerlink or green screen)
  • Instantly provides the user with friendly error / warning messages indicating the problem
  • Supports paper-based, label-based, or hybrid printer environments
  • Will automatically notify and route parts to inspection (if flag turned on) during receiving
  • Fully supports controlled warehouse functionality (complete or partial warehouse control)
  • Fully configurable to set who is enabled for which XA transactions, supports all XA security rules
  • Ability to create badge groups for users with similar security / access for easy maintenance
  • Can work across multiple locations, multiple iSeries, multiple environments globally

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System-Link Toolkit (SLTK): Latest & Greatest Features


  • All XA transactions are supported via an easy to use HTML5 interface
  • Real-time edits / validation as the transactions are occurring
  • Full support for bar coding and turnaround numbers
  • Provides notification of shortages or replenishment needs as the product is received at the dock
  • Ability to customize the “descriptions” or “names” of the transactions to fit the terminology (e.g. lean) within your organization
  • Instantly pays for itself with significant improvements in visibility, data integrity, and real-time processing of transactions
  • Supports deployment as On Premise, Guide-hosted, or Hybrid depending on your needs
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