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Streamline manufacturing workflows and improve shop floor accuracy with Guide Technologies' data collection module built for Infor XA. Experience real-time data collection for manufacturing excellence.

Move it. Track it. Validate it.

This has long been the mantra of world-class manufacturers. It has also been a nearly impossible challenge...until now.  

The Scan-N-Track application is the perfect addition to Infor XA, whether you are adding it to MES (manufacturing execution system) or using it standalone.  It provides a customizable solution with flexibility, features, and data visibility to enhance manufacturing workflows. 

Customers report a substantial return on investment (ROI) after adding Scan-N-Track to their Infor XA ERP. 

Scan-n-track benefits

Tightly integrated with Infor XA, Scan-N-Track enables real-time RF data capture to help manufacturers:

Increase Productivity

With all the data they need at their fingertips, users are able to work more efficiently.

Reduce Errors

The reduction of manual entry processes greatly reduces errors AND paperwork.

Control Inventory

Users appreciate rigorous inventory control by knowing what inventory is real time.

Reduce Costs

Accurate resource management and greater productivity result in substantial cost savings.

Onboard Staff

A user-friendly interface simplifies onboarding of new employees and lowers training costs.

We use Scan-N-Track to report all our shop floor labor. The ‘crew clocking’ integrity was a crucial element for us and a great feature over standard MES.

Mike K. - IT Manager, Pallet & storage rack manufacturing company

The Scan-N-Track interface provides a user-friendly experience that really is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Log in
2. Select transaction type


3. Scan data & confirm
Scan-N-Track is a great addition to our MES system from XA. The skid-tracking of our inventory is a crucial function for our business.

Greg M. - MIS Manager, Building products manufacturing company


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