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Expertise to Help You Navigate Change & Implement Your infor manufacturing ERP

Selecting the right ERP system for your organization is only half of the battle.  Implementing a complex, business information management system on the magnitude of an Infor ERP system requires tremendous knowledge and years of hands-on experience.  Since such an initiative touches every major business function within your organization, we consider a successful implementation mission-critical to your business.  That’s why it’s vitally important you have access to the planning and execution expertise that only a seasoned business partner can bring to the table.  A seasoned partner like Guide Technologies has the skills and knowledge to help you successfully implement ERP.

With a 95% on time, on budget implementation track record, Guide’s Professional Services team is staffed by experienced manufacturing and technology experts who have the skills and knowledge to deliver a successful implementation for your organization.  Our team can also add significant value by helping you leverage your technology investment in the future to meet today’s—and tomorrow’s—business challenges.

Implementation Intelligence 5

Proven. Precise. Successful.

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Created as a result of years of successful implementations, Guide offers clients a proven implementation methodology called Implementation Intelligence 5 or i25.  This meticulously-executed methodology addresses each aspect of the implementation process, from project management, to the impact of change on personnel, to education and training, to post-implementation support.

Each phase of i25 is highly customized to meet the unique needs of your company and how you want to operate.  Our process will minimize your risk, reduce disruption and drive business value so you can maximize the return on your ERP investment.

Guide I25 Benefits:

  • Delivers faster ROI than our competitors
  • Reduces risk and exposure before implementation
  • Addresses technical, business, project management, and also human factors of change
  • 'Low disruption' approach reduces the impact on day-to-day operations
  • Designed to rapidly and efficiently implement multiple global locations
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During this phase, the project kickoff meeting will be organized and the project charter and project definition documents will be agreed upon between the client and Guide.

The design phase ensures that the final solution meets your goals and objectives, detailing the expected business benefits and how we intend to achieve them in the shortest possible time.

Our Build phase consists of cut-over planning, where we develop a cut-over plan and test it; data mapping and conversion planning to convert your existing data to the new system; and end user training so your staff knows exactly how to perform their jobs using the new system.

Guide Consultants work with your project team during the cut-over period to execute the cut-over plan and ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

This phase includes our post go-live support, where we help your project team ensure everything is functioning at peak performance for the first few weeks or few months. We also conduct a post implementation review to ensure that your ERP system will continue to meet the future needs of your business.