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Infor CloudSuite Aerospace and Defense is a comprehensive aerospace and defense manufacturing industry ERP solution, engineered specifically to empower Aerospace & Defense (A&D) manufacturers to leverage the latest technology and stay ahead of industry demands.

Siloed, heavily customized, outdated systems are holding A&D manufacturers back from utilizing emerging technology as a competitive advantage. Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense has A&D industry needs built-in, eliminating the need AND expense for customizations required for industry requirements and regulations.


Aftermarket Industry Growth

The growing demand for aftermarket services in the industry means that Aerospace & Defense manufacturers must have accurate and up-to-date equipment and warranty management data. Services are becoming a more significant portion of the bottom line. Aerospace & Defense manufacturers must ensure that these new service models can be supported to improve profitability.


Contract & Program Profitability

In the Aerospace and Defense industry margins are tight and bid accuracy must be on point. A lack of program execution control, inefficiency and complexity on the shop floor can lead to overruns and cost variances. To ensure project profitability, Aerospace & Defense manufacturing operations must become more efficient in managing their workflows, provide greater visibility on the shop floor, and better orchestrate the usage and maintenance of resources.


Innovation, Quality, & Compliance

Aerospace & Defense organizations must comply with a long list of regulations including (ITAR, EAR, CGP, etc..), strict quality requirements, and efficient non-conformance handling with proper documentation. These challenges require Aerospace & Defense manufacturers to improve their design processes, support more accurate quality and compliance documentation, and support communication during the quote-to-order process.


Supply Chain Complexity & Risk

Aerospace & Defense manufacturing is constantly evolving and growing. With this evolution and growth comes an increasingly complex supply chain. Inadequate transparency and data sharing with suppliers and customers is a necessity in order to stay ahead of the competition. Aerospace & Defense manufacturers have limited visibility into supply chain data, making planning difficult.

Infor CloudSuite Solves Challenges of Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

  • Product Life-Cycle Management with embedded regulatory, quality, and supply chain impact analysis
  • Facilitate customer communication with Configure, Price, Quote capabilities
  • Integrated compliance checking and access control

RESULTS: 1-3% revenue increase from shorter time to market, 3-5% quality cost reduction, 5-10% decrease of cost of non-compliance

  • Maintain full visibility with an end-to-end commerce network
  • Multi-site, multi-logistics inventory planning
  • Manage holistically with warehousing and fulfillment in a unified application – Synchronize Supply Chain Management

RESULTS: 15-20% inventory decrease, Avoid up to 20% of inventory obsolescence, 20-25% cost reduction in intercompany administration

  • Shop floor automation and Workforce Management
  • Optimize utilization and throughput with best-in-class Enterprise Asset Management
  • Project and Program Management

RESULTS: Avoid 25-40% of current project overruns & cost variances, 15-25% efficiency gain in contract requirements handling, 2-3% increase in capacity utilization

  • Enable new business models and drive revenue with integrated Field Service Management
  • Reduce costs with warranty and claims management

RESULTS: 2-3% service productivity increase, Avoid 5-10% of current warranty cost

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Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense offers a single business process to manage both commercial and defense processes in one solution and handles after-market services as well without customization.

The single solution is engineered specifically for and by some of the largest Aerospace & Defense contractors in the world like Boeing, BAES, Elbit Systems.  This has created a solution that has the micro-vertical needs of the industry directly built into our enterprise applications so you don’t have to.


  • The business process does not need to modified for commercial versus defense contracts
  • Original Equipment and After-Market Services can be offer as lines on a single sales order or contract
  • Reduction in overall lead-time by consolidating planning and scheduling
  • Supply Chain costs can be reduced by amalgamation of supplier agreements

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense uniquely configures the end product per sales order line or contract line item using revision and serial effectively to identify the customer requirements to be delivered and carries the configuration throughout the planning and execution.

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense is built for highly-engineered products in a standard MRP process still allowing for consolidation and amalgamation using the co-mingling rules of like items and maintaining the unique configurations required for the Aerospace & Defense industry by tail number, revision or unit-effectivity.


  • Each unit can be unique in its configuration
  • Customer requirements are captured in the enterprise solution
  • Visibility of the configuration are carried through the manufacturing planning and shop floor control
  • Supports the Aerospace & Defense vision of no two products being alike
  • Configuration changes can be incorporated throughout the process of building and maintaining the item
  • Unique costing will match the configuration management

Infor Aerospace & Defense provides a solution for fixed-price, time-and-material and cost-plus contracts that will manage the financial and order entry tasks required for ERP as well as industry specific invoicing and revenue-recognition principles.

Infor incorporates the newest technology with a consumer grade beautiful user experience that still incorporates the industry standards for defense contractors mandated by oversight organizations.


  • A separate solution for invoicing and rev-rec is not required
  • The contract management process includes the ordering or hardware, non-hardware and service items
  • Progress billing functionality is included to support customer agreements
  • The contract flow-down of customer requirements to purchase agreements with suppliers occurs from planning
  • Co-mingling rules exist to amalgamate contracts as desired
  • Invoicing module includes government forms like the DD250 and others

Infor Aerospace & Defense provides over-riding project / program management capabilities for all manufacturing and service needs within a single enterprise solution that will report the cost and schedule of projects including Earned-Value Management.

In Aerospace and Defense manufacturing, program management is a required discipline.  Infor Aerospace & Defense seamlessly manages the process, it collects all cost information from manufacturing, procurement and all other sources.


  • Secondary solutions or data input is not required for project management
  • The project cost and schedule is contained directly in the ERP used for manufacturing or MRO
  • The same BI tools are used for project cost management as financial management
  • Integrations to external solutions will not be required


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Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

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