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The Industrial Manufacturing industry is facing many challenges such as shrinking profit margin, increasingly complex supply chains, and complex product cycles. The quick pace of technological advancements, increasing customers’ expectations, and pressure to get innovative products to market as quickly as possible, put tremendous pressure on Industrial Manufacturers. Infor CloudSuite Industrial Manufacturing delivers increased visibility into operations, substantial cost savings, faster production times and the ability to provide excellent customer support through Industry 4.0.

We understand the challenges in Industrial Manufacturing


Industry Modernization & Consolidation

As Industrial manufacturers look to grow their business they are challenged by siloed business solutions that may be heavily customized. The need for a solution to support multiple manufacturing modes and sites is increasingly more important. Out-dated solutions stop manufacturers from taking advantage of emerging technology and do not prepare them with industry best practices to support efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness for a modern manufacturer.


Increasing Complex Supply Chain Networks

Today’s Industrial manufacturers deal with a complex supply chain and limited end-to-end supply chain visibility. Supplier collaboration is no longer an option and data sharing with suppliers and customers is not transparent. The need for agility to balanced inventory, lead times, machinery uptime, and demand has increased. Manufacturers must orchestrate production across co-manufacturers as well as ensure that they have the MRO inventory to support service. Demand planning and data sharing with suppliers and customers is incredibly important to meet customer needs and keep costs in check.


Increased Pace of Product Innovation

Industrial manufacturers are facing a shift in customer buying behavior related to product innovation and personalization. Customers are looking for more customized products, requiring manufacturers to change the ways they design and deliver. As a result Industrial manufacturers are facing shorter lead times, more inaccurate job costing and costly change orders. In addition to shifts in customer buying behaviors, manufacturers must adhere with increased regulatory and quality concerns.


New Technology Propels Disruption

A new generation of workers demand modern solutions featuring emerging technologies like IoT, analytics, and AI that will enable the business to operate in new ways and digitally transform. Manufacturers using old, disconnected solutions struggle to consume multi-channel data and stay on pace with their peers. They also face difficulties attracting new talent to replace their rapidly retiring workforce.

Infor CloudSuite Solves Industrial Manufacturing Industry Challenges

  • Improve productivity and drive growth with industry-specific functionality
  • Scalable and secure cloud solution
  • Integrated global business process support

Results: 15-30% increase in productivity, 10-20% improvement in operational efficiencies, and 10-15% faster time to value

  • Product Lifecycle Management with Automotive specific regulatory, quality, and supply chain impact analysis
  • Facilitate customer communication with configure, price, quote capabilities

Results: 5-10% reduction in time and cost to launch new products , 4-6% increase in quote to order conversions

  • Maintain full visibility with an end-to-end commerce network
  • S&OP and supply chain planning and optimization
  • Multi-Site, multi-logistics inventory planning
  • Manage holistically with warehousing and fulfillment in a unified application

Results: 6-8.5% reduction in inventory, 99% on-time shipments, 15-20% shorter delivery times

  • Complete platform to enable digital transformation
  • Embedded analytics with industry-specific KPIs
  • IoT, AI and machine learning to improve productivity
  • Attract today’s workforce

Results: 20-30% improved employee productivity (FTE cost), 20-35% lower TCO

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Successful Industrial Manufacturing Clients

Learn More About Infor CloudSuite Industrial Manufacturing

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Manufacturing’s “Out-of-the -box” capabilities provide global supply chain planning and transparency across all suppliers and outsourced business partners within the extended supply chain. Infor manufacturing and assembly supports multiple manufacturing strategies (ETO, CTO, BTO, MTS, etc.) to reduce complexity, ensure process efficiency and provide accurate costing.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Manufacturing is a single solution with multiple methodologies with best in breed capabilities.


  • Improved flexibility and agility
  • Streamlined Operation Costs
  • Control the entire product lifecycle, from configuration (as design), production (as build) to service (as maintained)
  • Service Model to plan and control contracts with customers supporting

Today innovation is king and manufacturers that can introduce new products quicker are gaining market share. Speed is competitive differentiator. Time to submit initial quotes are compressed, production volumes reduced, and product life is shortened. This means that manufacturers need to quickly and accurately create their quotes, submit their bid, and then launch their new products to survive let alone thrive in today's economy.

Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing uses best in class project management that provides solid foundation to plan, estimate and implement new product introductions as well as manage the entire process. It enables Industrial manufactures to get their products so market faster than the competition.


  • Estimate/Quoting – Leverage project management to examine previous programs performance in terms of planned vs. actual cost variances
  • New Product Design & Innovation – Tight integration PLM provides the initial engineer to order phase of the program, manage the Approval Process, and then ramp-up production into the repetitive manufacturing phase.
  • Program Visibility – Maintain visibility to the program in terms of status and costs with projects and sub-projects.

Older, heavily customized solutions can make it difficult for Industrial Manufacturers to access their data across the organization. Without accurate real time data, it is impossible to make educated business decisions.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial manufacturing provides quick access to critical data from all business areas and for all key stakeholders both internal and external to the organization. It uses mobile and portal technology to give 7x24 access to information to users, customers and vendors.


  • Simple, fast connectivity for application data.
  • A business vault to store optimized data for reporting and analytics.
  • View your business from a smart phone, tablet, or laptop and have access to what you need, at any time, from any location.

Infor provides anywhere/anytime access to enterprise information from business intelligence and alerts; the ability to approve both structured and unstructured workflows and the tools with industry-specific content and services to accelerate your decision making and deliver immediate and ongoing business value. Although some competitors have BI, it is limited by access to a single application or what the vendor has defined.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Manufacturing provides -context BI in a single operational workspace, providing the user the ability to take action in other applications or with alerts and notifications.


  • Provides users with valuable knowledge about their business in real time.
  • A person is no longer limited to their work station or the facility itself to get information.
  • Industry & role specific metrics that deliver years worth of development “out of the box”.
  • Embedded Manufacturing in-context BI for better and faster decision making.
  • Drill-back from BI to the relevant details for quicker execution of changes.



Infor Industrial Manufacturing

Infor Industrial Manufacturing is a software solution, designed to meet the unique needs of industrial manufacturers.

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