[Guide Product Webinar] Streamline Paperless Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory using Scan-N-Track (SNT)

Thursday, November 18 @ 2PM ET

Scan-N-Track provides mobile, real-time transaction processing that enforces all the XA business rules to get the job done right the first time. Whether it is customer order fulfillment, inventory management, purchase receiving and/or the reporting of labor, quality, scrap, material issue, back-flushing, etc for your manufacturing orders…Scan-N-Track has the power to transform and improve your operational efficiency.

Webinar Highlights: 

  • Improve manufacturing efficiency throughout the year knowing your inventory is accurate with Scan-N-Track (SNT).
  • Improve customer order fullfilment accuracy with real-time validation to XA with an option to conduct blind counts if desired using Scan-N-Track (SNT).
  • Eliminate the use of tags or paper checklists needed with Scan-N-Track's (SNT) real-time fully paperless solution.

During this webinar Guide Technologies' product experts Randy Kenney and Jeff Snyder will show how Scan-N-Track (SNT) is a complete, real-time inventory and labor management solution and demo the full cycle counting / physical inventory capabilities.