October 30, 2018

Top 5 Benefits of ERP for Small Manufacturers


No business is too small to benefit from ERP! Check out what ERP has to offer for small to mid-sized manufacturers.

As the name implies, enterprise resource planning systems are widely known as the backbone of large manufacturing enterprises. ERP is not just for huge corporations, however. This powerful technology brings BIG benefits for small and mid-market manufacturers, too. Here is a closer look at the top five benefits of ERP for small manufacturers.


Instead of a business structure made up of several fragments (for example, finance, inventory, sales, payroll, etc.), an ERP system allows for unification among these departments. This facilitates a more streamlined workflow and organizational structure.


Within a small company or start-up, employees often have to wear many hats, stepping in wherever help is needed. ERP systems help save time and reduce crossover by automating key business operations. This allows employees to stay focused on their most valuable skills and specialties.


Through ERP, all relevant data can be shared with and accessed by all departments. This reduces the burden of internal communication and allows everyone to be on the same page at any given time. This kind of transparency can allow smaller teams to move at lightning speed, which creates some much-needed advantages for SMBs competing in a market of giant global manufacturing enterprises.


ERP systems provide real-time data and help decision makers “see the future” through predictive analytics, which can be very beneficial for marketing, management, and accounting. It also can detect potential obstacles and business disruptions and present an overall picture of operations. All of this information allows business leaders to make effective and efficient decisions.


By streamlining business processes and decision-making, ERP allows staff to shift their focus on “bigger picture” goals like serving and supporting customers, managing increased volumes of business, and overcoming the challenges that may be associated with growth.

How’s that for digital transformation?


Considerations for ERP in Small Manufacturing Businesses

Things to consider when selecting an ERP solution for your small to mid-size manufacturing business include ease of use, customization, cloud or on-premise platform (and which will best suit your needs), frequency of upgrading, security measures, and support service.

An ERP solution that is highly recommended for small manufacturers is Infor® CloudSuite Industrial (formerly SyteLine). CloudSuite Industrial offers flexible deployment options, simplicity in administration, and unmatched security, just to name a few features. Infor also boasts a wide array of business applications for CloudSuite ERP, from financial management to customer relationship management and much more.

Want to get started with Infor solutions? Contact Guide Technologies. We are an Infor Gold Channel Partner with over 20 years of experience helping manufacturers find, implement, and optimize software solutions to grow and improve their business. We help small and mid-sized discrete manufacturers get the most out of ERP.