Recording: Infor XA Web Series | All About Enterprise Financials and Beyond

Infor XA Release 10 will be available this summer and all of the XA systems will be in HTML using IDF’s Net-Link (and Power-Link), including Enterprise Financials. When Infor XA 11 releases in the summer of 2022, Infor will be eliminating support for green screens, including Accounting Management and International Financial Management. Infor XA Enterprise Financials is the go-forward financial solution for Infor XA, it's the future and beyond!

Watch this digital event to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of Enterprise Financials (eFin).
  • View an overview product demo.
  • Learn how to jump-start your Enterprise Financials transition plan.

Presented by Rick Altenau, Manufacturing Specialist, and Al Stein, Financial Specialist.