RECORDING [Guide Product Webinar] System-Link Toolkit (SLTK): Latest & Greatest Features

System-Link Toolkit (SLTK) is Infor’s only supported solution to read/write data to/from the XA database and one of Guide Technologies' most trusted and used solution. We continually invest R&D dollars into Guide Products to ensure our solutions enable our customers get the most out of their Infor ERP despite ever changing business challenges. If you are an existing or potential System-Link Toolkit customer you won’t want to miss this recorded webinar which includes a live demo of SLTK’s greatest and latest features including:

  • Upload to XA with Excel spreadsheets, ZERO coding required.
  • Manipulate complex objects (BOMs/Routing, CO/PO/MO Header/Lines, AP/AR/GL, etc) using SLTK, with full audit trail visibility and security enforced.
  • Manage errors with user-friendly Powerlink interfaces, clearly see when errors occur, fix the data and resubmit.
  • Process large volumes of data in short periods of time automatically and avoid hand keying and the associated data entry errors.