Recording: Guide Product Webinar | Scan-N-Track: Mobile Shop Floor Inventory, Labor and Quality Reporting Done Right

Looking to modernize your warehouse/shop floor inventory, labor and quality data collection systems to improve productivity, on-time order fulfillment, inventory accuracy, profitability, and more? Scan-N-Track (SNT) for Infor XA is the answer and this recorded webinar is for you!

Scan-N-Track provides mobile, real-time transaction processing that enforces all the XA business rules to get the job done right the first time. Whether it is customer order fulfillment, inventory management, purchase receiving, and/or the reporting of labor, quality, scrap, material issue, back-flushing, etc for your manufacturing orders…Scan-N-Track has the power to transform and improve your operational efficiency.

Using Infor’s only supported method to interact with the XA database (System-Link), Guide’s Scan-N-Track product provides a global solution with all the functionality you need to modernize your manufacturing, receiving, inventory, and order fulfillment processes (with no more green screen!).

During this recorded webinar Guide Technologies' product experts Randy Kenney and Jeff Snyder share the many key benefits of Scan-N-Track, discuss real-world business issues it solves, and a live product demo.