Infor CloudSuite Industrial Customer Testimonial: Hudson Materials Company

Hudson Materials Company, a thriving asphalt emulsion enterprise boasting plants across Tennessee and a robust customer base spanning Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina, has experienced exponential growth in recent years, nearly doubling its revenue. To sustain this momentum while upholding top-tier quality standards, the company, specializing in liquid asphalt products vital to road construction, has embarked on a journey of operational enhancement. This entails a departure from antiquated manual methodologies and cumbersome spreadsheets in favor of cutting-edge solutions offered by Infor.

Garrett Guiles, President of Hudson Materials Company, delves into how Infor's innovative suite of tools has empowered the company. By leveraging Infor's technology, Hudson Materials has streamlined strategic decision-making processes, revolutionized customer invoicing procedures, and systematically modernized once-manual workflows. Explore the video to gain deeper insights into this transformative journey.