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Customer Success Case Study: Kent Elastomer Products (Scan-N-Track for Infor XA)



Founded in 1960, Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. (KEP) has cemented its position as a global leader in providing high-quality elastomeric solutions. With a strong commitment to innovation, precision manufacturing, and exceptional customer service, Kent has become a trusted name in various industries.

KEP, formerly known as Kent Latex Products, currently employs approximately 175 and has 3 locations in Ohio. The company operates as a subsidiary of Meridian Industries.


KEP sells its products globally to OEM manufacturers who are using the products for their end product. Industries KEP serves include:

  • Medical and surgical
  • Orthodontic
  • Laboratory and scientific
  • Food and beverage
  • Industrial and distribution
  • Sports and leisure


Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. (KEP) offers an extensive range of elastomeric products and services, catering to diverse industries and applications. Here are some notable examples:

Thermoplastic (TPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing:

KEP’s TPE tubing is used in the medical and food and beverage industries. It mimics many of rubber’s most desirable properties but is much more resistant to heat and chemical exposure. KEP also offers a line of PVC compounds. Both product lines are manufactured in an SQF certified and FDA registered facility.

Custom dip molded products:

KEP specializes in custom dip molding, providing tailored solutions to meet unique customer requirements. The company utilizes advanced dip molding technology to manufacture precision-crafted products for a variety of medical applications like ultrasound probe covers and anesthesia bellows.

Natural rubber latex tubing:

With over a half century of expertise in latex manufacturing, KEP produces a wide variety of latex tubing. These products find applications in industries such as healthcare, laboratory, food and beverage, and more. The latex tubing is known for its exceptional durability, flexibility, and outstanding resistance.

Free-Band® Tourniquets:

The company is a leading supplier of high-quality latex-free tourniquets used in healthcare settings. KEP ensures that these products meet rigorous quality standards, providing reliable performance and user safety.


  • Kent, Ohio
  • Winesburg, Ohio
  • Mogadore, Ohio
KEP's Kent, OH location.


Infor XA


Scan-N-Track (SNT)

System-Link Toolkit (SLTK)



Prior to implementing Scan-N-Track, KEP was using an inventory tracking system that was deployed in 1999 and used Corel Paradox. The company was also using an internally developed product to manage inventory.

These solutions worked for their business needs for a while. However, after so many years, the developer of their internally-developed solution retired, and KEP no longer had the ability to understand the system’s functionality. In addition, the internal software offered no upgrade path since it was developed ‘as-is’, so the solution became outdated.

Team members had visibility into what inventory was on-hand but struggled with finding where the inventory was located across multiple warehouses. In an interview with Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration Don Leeper, he noted, “The [legacy] systems helped us to know what inventory was on-hand. We just didn’t know where it was in the facility warehouse. Our processes had become very inefficient and there was a lot of back and forth trying to locate product.”



Built for XA

As KEP set out to research solutions to their business challenges, they had 2 frontrunners in mind for their inventory management woes: Guide’s Scan-N-Track (SNT) for Infor XA and another standalone solution. They ultimately chose SNT because it is built on and for their ERP solution, Infor XA. Other solutions would ultimately integrate with XA but were independent of XA. Integration and customization of such products would have cost KEP substantially more time and money than SNT.

SNT Simplifies Complex Processes

Another value point of SNT for KEP was its ability to streamline complex manufacturing processes, such as it liquid process of dipping. Real-time visibility into inventory location and count was integral in expediting these processes.

Guide’s Manufacturing & XA Expertise

Because KEP had been using Infor XA for many years, it was important to work with a technology partner who knew the XA solution like the back of their hand. When asked about KEP’s partnership with Guide, Don Leeper said, “[Guide] has been awesome! They understand XA, and we don’t feel like we are paying them to learn the solution. The Guide team is responsive and knowledgeable. We’re a 24-7 operation, so we don’t have room for downtime.”

In addition, Guide and KEP executed a phased approach, which was a key to success and allowed for quick adoption of SNT in pre-defined areas and processes. Other potential partners who were not XA product experts or who do not have the deep manufacturing expertise of Guide may not have offered the efficiencies and savings associated with Guide’s proven implementation methodology.


Enhanced inventory visibility

With Scan-N-Track, KEP now has full inventory visibility at their fingertips. SNT’s location queries enable users to easily see real-time physical inventory count AND location. SNT has made life easier for material handlers: They know exactly where to go to pull product for shipping and the production line.

Improved accuracy of customer orders

Scan-N-Track provides KEP with data specific to each customer, not data they don’t need. SNT has improved their stock picking process substantially, resulting in improved accuracy of customer orders.

Improved delivery times

With improved data/inventory visibility, Scan-N-Track enables KEP team members to respond more quickly and accurately, knowing precisely what needs to be pulled for the production line or picked in the warehouse for the customer. The enhanced visibility fosters proactivity and reduces the need for reactionary measures.

Improved reporting

Since implementing Scan-N-Track, KEP month-end inventory counting and reporting processes have improved greatly. Monthly reporting used to be very time consuming. Now, all of the data they need is at their fingertips which has reduced reporting times by 50%.