COVID-19: Impact on Chinese Exports and the Disruption of Global Supply Chains

Part 1—The consequences of the new coronavirus—observations from the Infor Nexus supply chain network platform, March 24, 2020
The effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic (2019-nCoV)—the cause of an illness now officially named COVID-19— have been severe and wide-ranging on global supply chains at the start of 2020.

Beyond the human toll—the impacts of which remain to be seen—the repercussions from containment attempts in China and surrounding countries have fundamentally disrupted the restart of worldwide product flows in manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, and healthcare sector which normally follows the end of the Lunar New Year holiday break in Asia.

Many are cautiously optimistic based on market observations and suggest that the worst of the container shipping downturn out of China could be behind us, and the flow of global trade out of this pivotal country may be on trend to recover most expected volumes relatively swiftly.

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