February 14, 2018

Modernizing Manufacturing with Infor ERP Solutions

According to a 2015 survey by Harris Poll, “More than half of business users who responded say that too much time is spent on managing processes (such as approvals, expenses, and document management) versus conducting actual business at the workplace.” And that number has likely grown in the past three years, as we’ve seen more and more technological advancements (like artificial intelligence) come along and shake things up. This challenge is one of the main drivers in the push for modernizing manufacturing.

Lacking up-to-date technology can have serious, detrimental effects for manufacturers, for example missing out on important revenue opportunities and spending more time and resources to get the job done. Now more than ever, efficiency is crucial to success in any industry, not just manufacturing, which is why being able to successfully modernize your organization is so important right now.

Modernizing manufacturing technology, equipment, and processes can have several advantages. Implementing ERP systems within the company allows manufacturers to have better control over processes and better management of sales and customer relationship, production, supply chain, inventory, financials, and quality – accomplished by achieving alignment between your business systems and processes. Essentially, it allows you to keep an eye on everything at once.

ERPs allow business areas and technology systems to “talk” to each other, preventing data from slipping through the cracks. This saves time by saving employees from data re-entry, duplication, and reduncancy.

Aside from boosting business and profitability, having up-to-date technology and processes will also help attract and engage the next generation of workers entering the workforce, presenting you with the opportunity to find and keep top talent in your industry.

Infor® CloudSuite Industrial (formerly called SyteLine) is one such ERP solution that offers manufacturers a way to easily and efficiently optimize their organization. By helping to automate and manage business processes and identify risks and opportunities, this ERP is a key factor in modernizing manufacturing.

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