February 12, 2022

Meeting Ever-Elevating Customer Expectations

Usually, when technology makes things more efficient, it can also make things more complicated. While your manufacturing software eliminates the need for toggling between various systems, it can mean that your customers come to expect a certain level of service.

It’s good to be known for outstanding service with both vendors and customers, but it can be a difficult standard to uphold when faced with the unexpected. So, what can you do to meet the ever-elevating expectations of your customers?

Service with a Smile

With so many options for solutions, customer service can be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a business to work with. Whether business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C), potential clients want a company to understand, if not anticipate, their needs. Customers don’t just want service with a smile, they want efficient, no-fail service that won’t cost them an arm and a leg.


No matter what kind of project your client is working on, regular communication is key to making customers happy. No one wants to be left in the dark when it comes to a timeline for integrating new ERP for manufacturers, tackling IT issues, or delivery estimates. According to a study conducted by State of the Connected Customer, 76% of customers not only want reliable communication, but they expect it. 

Communication with customers isn’t the only key to meeting expectations; clients also want to feel like departments within the organization are on the same page. If various teams within your company aren’t effectively communicating, your clients can tell. 


Your manufacturer software should make it possible to not only keep the lines of communication open between departments and clients, but it should also make it easier to customize your offerings. It’s increasingly common for clients to expect that goods and services will be catered to their specific needs. They don’t want to be sold something that isn’t exclusively designed for their needs. What is your business doing to personalize its offerings while still remaining affordable?

Data Protection 

Consumers want to know that their personal data is well protected, and it will only be used as indicated by a business. To meet customer expectations, ensure that your SyteLine, LN, or XA software vulnerabilities are checked regularly. If a breach does ever occur, it’s important to maintain transparency with your clients so you don’t lose their trust.


We’ve all had to get more creative when it comes to sourcing materials and handling shipping processes. Despite the somewhat uncontrollable circumstances many of us find ourselves in, customers still expect businesses to diversify their operations to continue offering uninterrupted services. 

Make Your Software Do the Work

If you want to know what your clients’ expectations are, you simply need to ask. ERP software such as SyteLine should make it easy to determine who your demographic is, and what their needs and wants are. Your software should work smarter to analyze client behavior such as buying patterns and help forecast constants and changes to customer segments.

When it comes to securely storing data, we mentioned the importance of having a cloud storage software that scans for insecurities. But, how is information kept safe when stored digitally? Ideally, you’ve invested in software that doesn’t rely on a hard drive. This not only frees up physical space for your business, but it also means your data is safeguarded by extremely robust security measures. Here are just a few methods for keeping cloud data secure:

  • Limited access to physical data
  • Cloud data is encrypted
  • Operating systems are routinely updated for security
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) conducts routine security checks
  • Third-party testing for malware, viruses, and hacking
  • Firewalls

Data stored in the cloud is also backed up regularly to protect against loss

It’s easy to get sidetracked by what your competitors are doing; instead of diverting your attention to other businesses, keep the focus on your clients. Your software should only include upgrades that benefit your clients, not that allow you to feel like you’re keeping up with competitors. Investing in something like SyteLine or other Infor software should make your business work smarter and not harder, helping you offer new solutions for your customers.

Understand the New Normal

Nothing about the new climate for business feels “normal,” but it’s still important to adapt to the new ways of doing business in the wake of COVID-19. Clients expect convenient ways to digitally conduct business, which means companies need more bandwidth and storage than before. Cloud-based operating systems can help businesses meet demand without overextending their resources.

Whatever changes you’ve been making, it’s important to ensure they’re sustainable. Customers are getting used to the convenience of digital orders, curbside pickup, and contactless interactions in public. At this point in the game, there are obvious standouts when it comes to solutions for these. Your Infor software should include a customer service suite that helps you continue to affordably meet your clients’ expectations. Infor SyteLine can help manage customer relationships, supply chain, inventory, and more. If you think it’s the next step for your business, give Guide Technologies a call.