July 09, 2019

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Security Features


Next-generation cloud security to give you peace of mind


When it comes to cloud deployment, security is a top concern for all involved. Today, there are more data and software security threats than ever. From data breaches and information leaks to accidental deletion, the risk of critical and private information being leaked or lost is very real. It is not always big corporations and government servers being hacked, either. It can happen to anyone.


Cloud software has helped propel the world forward in innumerable ways. Companies are no longer burdened with running their own data centers. No more being shackled to on-premise servers and locally hosted solutions. By providing centralized, web-enabled access to core systems and data, business and collaboration can be conducted from nearly any place, any time. These rewards, however, also come with added risks. Companies that store vital information in the cloud must protect it properly.


Manufacturing data in particular is especially valuable to hackers. Cloud-based enterprise Resource planning systems centralize, process, and generate an enormous amount of data from across the entire enterprise. Everything from proprietary manufacturing plans to financial account data to personal information is used by ERP and stored in the cloud. With so much valuable data in ERP, manufacturers must pay special attention to their solution's security features.


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Cloud Security Features Your IT Manager Will Love


Infor CloudSuite Industrial is an ERP with next-generation cloud security to give you peace of mind. Infor builds upon AWS’s world-class security to not only protect your data, but also give you confidence to explore new business initiatives. Here are 6 Infor CloudSuite Industrial security features your IT manager will love.


Application Security


  • Best practices in development
  • Regular code review
  • Vulnerability/ penetration tests


Network Security


  • Security through separation
  • Layered defense architecture
  • Third party interception protection


Policies & Procedures


  • ISO/IEC 27001 compliance
  • Regulatory compliance on as needed basis


Physical Security


  • Biometric secured data centers
  • Guard-controlled access; locked cage spaces
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Systems for physical intrusion monitoring, detection, and altering


Operation Security


  • Restricted access, limited user account permission
  • Hardening and managed patching
  • SSL/TLS and transaction-based business logic
  • Encryption using mechanisms like TSS/SSL/PGP, and secure FTP




  • Dynamic password management
  • Server authentication through digital certificates
  • Formal configuration and change management processes
  • Customer-owned data, privacy protection
  • Incident monitoring, logging, and auditing


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IT security is serious business and there are many factors to consider when choosing software solutions. Please reach out to a Guide Technologies Infor CloudSuite expert to find out more information about solution-specific security features and implementation  requirements.


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