April 19, 2022

Infor CloudSuite Industrial: A Manufacturing ERP That Improves Data Accuracy

Having a reliable ERP system can make a huge difference in your manufacturing business. Infor CloudSuite Industrial is one of the fastest growing ERP systems on the market. Here's why.


What Is CloudSuite Industrial?

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) is an effective ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution designed to help businesses enhance productivity with manufacturing best practices and processes. It helps to better monitor schedule delivery dates, customer demand, and track operation resources. 


Regardless of the complexity of your supply chain, CloudSuite Industrial responds quickly to change, reduces excess inventory, lowers costs, and efficiently delivers your customer expectations. In other words, the platform helps you to be more efficient by getting your products to market faster while matching your supply with demand.


CloudSuite Industrial users have a robust and user-friendly ERP solution with features and functionality that are optimized specifically for their manufacturing businesses' needs.


Services Offered by Infor SyteLine 

The platform offers some unique services that help to accelerate businesses' productivity. They include:


Customer Management

Infor's ERP solution will help you effectively manage your sales process. It is also helpful in customer lead origination, tracking sales opportunities, placing orders, and converting prospects to customers.


Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Infor helps you to plan while monitoring demand as it happens. You can quickly update your production schedules and provide real-time capable promises to customers with it.


Mixed-Mode Manufacturing

CloudSuite Industrial helps businesses accelerate mixed-mode manufacturing production processes to meet customers' demands quickly.


Mobile Service for Warehouse Logistics

You can allow your warehouse personnel to link up with CloudSuite Industrial via Infor Warehouse Mobility.

This will fully automate your strategic business processes, reduce expenses, enhance profits, and improve ERP functions using specialized modules like Pallet Management.


Materials & Inventory Management

Users can easily monitor their inventory safety stocks and drivers forecasts while keeping inventory low to avoid shortages.


Role-Based Information

With Infor, you can make more efficient and great decisions with dashboards. Dashboards contain user-friendly widgets and data associated with specific and defined jobs like production planner, customer service, and controller.


Benefits of Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP

Infor CloudSuite Industrial can help you improve your business bottom line by using processes to market requirements. It allows you to accelerate production and quickly meet customers' demands.

With CloudSuite Industrial you can:


  • Easily define your business processes to make them work the way you want.
  • Schedule and plan order by order.
  • Enhance forecasting accuracy speed.
  • Lessen errors in manual processes.
  • Resume work quickly when you receive unexpected orders.
  • Cut down on inventory shortages and levels.
  • Improve general customer satisfaction.
  • Quickly get to the market and deliver orders.


Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP, developed by professionals in discrete manufacturing with over 30 years of experience, can help you advance quality activities in your organization. It streamlines manufacturing costs to increase productivity and improve profitability.


Infor is not just a service management solution that removes manual methods. It is also vital to achieving positive business outcomes and hitting your targets. CloudSuite Industrial is your best bet if you want an ERP system with speed and accuracy.