May 27, 2020

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Is ERP 3.0


A Next-Gen ERP Solution Built for Productivity


ERP 3.0

Whitepaper: Infor ERP 3.0

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are getting yet another makeover. As manufacturing continues to evolve quite rapidly, the software systems behind it do, too. ERP solutions have provided enterprises with data management and end-to-end views for many years, although some of the earlier ERP solutions didn’t include flexibility. As for the second-generation ERP solutions, they were often complex and didn’t have the boost needed for productivity in the workplace.


This is now changing. ERP solutions are getting a newer, fresh approach. ERP 3.0 will now be focused on the productivity aspect for the workforce. This includes expediting tasks and supporting quick decision making. At the core of ERP 3.0 is data-driven insights powered by artificial intelligence.


What Does ERP 3.0 Enable?


Lower Costs

Detects and removes repetition, inventory surplus, process intricacy, and technology cost, which stops or at least slows down profit erosion.



Ability to accommodate new, possibly unexpected changes or circumstances in business processes and customer requirements.


Predictive Insight

Integrates business information, regarding supply chain data and application of searching for new information in regards to requirements or trends as (or before) they occur.



Centralizing the company for a faster response to innovation requirements, inventory and logistics fulfillment, order processing, and the continuously changing market conditions.


Better Balance Sheets & Business

Seamless sustainability due to improved strategies, asset management, planning, traceability, CRM, resource management, manufacturing, and supply chain integration, thus creating a business, environment, and balance sheet to all be in good condition.


Empower Your People


ERP 3.0 is all about having the necessary tools to help people in the workplace be the best they can, while also empowering workforces. This new approach is driven by innovative functionality. This includes self-service reporting capabilities, amplified analytics that offer solutions, user-defined workbenches, and more.


Manufacturers constantly refer to workers and skill gaps to be a major threat facing them in the years to come. Usually, this difficulty is portrayed as separate from technology. However, ERP 3.0 aligns the two, which in turn supports the recruitment, retention, and development of workers across many different elements.


ERP 3.0 = Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)


Infor CloudSuite Industrial is a flexible and expansible cloud-based ERP solution for manufacturers. Infor CloudSuite is the solution you need to address issues with flexibility among previous ERP solutions.


Built on the latest technology, Infor CloudSuite Industrial’s particular software architecture reduces costs and increases revenue by offering a cost-effective, effective way to adapt the solution to approach your evolving business conditions and operational difficulties.


As older ERP solutions and business technology are becoming more and more ineffective for the rapid change we are experiencing, the time is now to evaluate and acknowledge ERP 3.0 as a necessity to your business. We can help you create a business culture of flexibility with Infor CloudSuite.


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