April 12, 2022

How Our Solutions Are Implemented for Our Clients

Much emphasis is placed on choosing the appropriate ERP for business, but the emphasis hasn't been much on its effective implementation.

Guide Tech is created to help you easily navigate, change, and implement ERP on your business.

As the fastest growing ERP system, you may want to know how we implement ERP for customers or clients? Read on!

Why ERP Implementation is Important

Choosing the appropriate ERP system for your firm isn't enough. You'll need extensive knowledge and practical experience to implement a complex business information management system.

Having a successful ERP implementation is crucial to organizations since the process touches every main business operation within an organization.

A good ERP implementation removes manual methods and enhances business productivity growth and outlook.

It’s important to consult a reliable company with a lot of experience to implement the ERP system for your business.

Guide Tech is an experienced company that can successfully implement your ERP. The firm's team has experienced technology and manufacturing professionals to provide a fruitful ERP implementation.

How Guide Tech Implements ERP to Clients

Guide Tech designed a proven implementation method known as “Implementation Intelligence 5" or "i25" to have a successful ERP implementation. 

This methodology is created to address each implementation process, ranging from project management, change in personnel impact, training and education, and post-implementation support.

Each i25 phase is customized to meet the needs of businesses and how they want to operate. The Guide Tech process minimizes risk, lessens disruption, and drives business value to maximize the ERP investment returns.

Benefits of Guide Tech i25

  • Guide Tech uses i25 to offer a quicker return on investment than its competitors.
  • Reduces risk and any exposure before the ERP implementation.
  • Help to address business, technical, project management, and human factors of change.
  • It also helps to implement several global locations efficiently.

Here are 5 phases of i25 designed to meet your business needs:

  • Phase 1- Called the discovery stage

At this stage, Guide Tech and the client will hold a kickoff meeting to agree on the project charter, objectives, and documents.

  • Phase 2: Known as solution design

This is the design phase. It ensures that the final ERP solution meets the client's plans while detailing the anticipated business gains and how Guide Tech aims to achieve them as soon as possible.

  • Phase 3: Building stage

The Guide Tech building stage involves cut-over planning where the platform designs cut-over objectives and test it.

Also develops data mapping and conversion plans to convert existing data to a new system, plus end-user training so the client's staff will know how to perform their work with the new system.

  • Phase 4: Deployment phase

This is when the Guide Tech consultants will work with the client's project team in the cut-over period to implement the cut-over plan while ensuring an easy transition to the new system.

  • Phase 5: Support stage

This phase involves Guide Tech post-go-live support. Here, Guide Tech helps the client's project team ensure everything functions effectively for the first few months or weeks. 

We'll conduct a post-implementation review to make sure the client's ERP system continues to meet the present future needs of the client's business.

Conclusively, Guide Tech has the best implementation methods and a deep industry experience using Infor technology to help you effectively navigate and implement your business ERP.

It's set to revolutionize ERP systems and processes via its proven implementation method called “Implementation Intelligence 5" or "i25."