March 29, 2018

How is Digital Transformation Affecting Your Business?

You know that digital transformation is changing the manufacturing industry, but what does that mean for you specifically?

How is digital transformation affecting your business?

Digital transformation is one of the most important topics in the manufacturing industry today. Every department — from finance, operations, and production to sales and marketing and (of course) IT — is being pressed with an urgency to leverage digital technologies to make better products, create stronger customer relationships, and achieve business growth and competitive advantage.

At its foundational levels, digital transformation is about efficiency and productivity. Technology is very, very good at helping companies accelerate production, profitability, innovation, and growth. True transformation, however, is about a lot more than just using some new software solutions. It requires big changes in areas like business models, operations, processes, services, and even workforce.

The “maximize and optimize” concept should also extend beyond the business office and production floor and into the “front lines” of digital transformation: the customer experience. No matter how great your products are or how efficiently you make them, your business simply cannot succeed without meeting the needs of today’s demanding customers. Data and communication — two areas heavily impacted by technology — are incredibly important to creating quality customer experiences.

Digital transformation has already begun in the manufacturing sector, and there is no end in sight. The pace of change is only going to accelerate. We exist in an era of near-constant technological change and increasingly frequent market disruption. Internet of Things, dynamic enterprise management, global supply chain visibility, AI, advanced robotics, and machine learning…These are just the ones we can see coming. Organizations need to be prepared to adapt and evolve.

We’ve guided a lot of companies through a lot of huge changes in our 20 years of manufacturing consulting, and we’re ready to help you harness digital transformation for your business.

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