March 16, 2020

Disruption vs. Change in Manufacturing


The Difference Depends on You


Discerning the difference between disruption and change in manufacturing industries boils down to one crucial factor: preparation. Put simply, disruption is change you are not prepared for. When change happens and you’re not ready, it can throw a company into chaos. Manufacturers must be ready with a culture of flexibility, clear goals, and a detailed plan to achieve them. This is easier said than done, but having the right enterprise software and can help tremendously.


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Create a Culture of Flexibility With Infor CloudSuite Industrial Manufacturing Solutions


Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial (formerly called SyteLine) is a flexible and scalable cloud-based ERP for manufacturers. Developed by manufacturing experts specifically for the manufacturing industry, CloudSuite is a full-featured, end-to-end ERP solution that gives you the tools to create a culture of flexibility in your business.


Built on and for the latest technology, Infor CloudSuite Industrial's unique software architecture lowers costs and raises revenue by providing a cost-effective and efficient way to extend and adapt the solution to address your changing business conditions and operational challenges. Whether deployed in the cloud, on-prem, or somewhere in between, manufacturers who choose CloudSuite Industrial see increased efficiency and quality in production, improved customer service, better aftermarket coordination, and more effective collaboration across the enterprise.


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CloudSuite Industrial’s features are attractive to manufacturers during times of stability and prosperity. In times of change and market disruption, however, these features become essential to their survival. Here are 8 CloudSuite features that help manufacturers turn major disruption into manageable change.


Mixed-Mode Manufacturing


As we have seen with the global COVID-19 pandemic, some situations can create drastic shifts in customer demand and deeply strain the supply chain for certain products. With mixed-mode manufacturing, companies can strike a balance between efficiency and flexibility across the product range by assigning different supply models to different products. Infor CloudSuite Industrial’s mixed-mode manufacturing capabilities allow you to accelerate production processes and meet customer demand quicker.


Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)


Manufacturers need to be ready to respond to drastic changes in material supply and customer demand. When visibility into the future is greatly reduced by uncertainty, planning and scheduling become even more important. Your customers and partners are relying on you to set and meet accurate expectations. Your business depends on accurate information to react to. Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) is a core feature of Infor CloudSuite Industrial that allows you to continually monitor demand as it occurs and update production schedules quickly, so you can provide accurate and real-time capable-to-promise estimates to your customers.


Materials and Inventory Management


When supply chains and distribution channels get disrupted, the normal flow of goods and materials may be interrupted. Manufacturers need the ability to track inventories in multiple locations and find the materials they need at the best prices available. Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) enables manufacturers to automate the process of calculating and monitoring your inventory drivers — forecasts, safety stocks, and order size — so you can keep inventory low and avoid shortages.


Role-based Information & Customized User Interfaces


When the rules of who-needs-what change, it can be challenging to get all the right info to the right people in time to make a positive impact. Infor CloudSuite Industrial helps you make faster, more efficient, and informed decisions using dashboards that feature the actions and data most closely associated with specific, defined jobs, such as customer service, controller, and production planner. As needs change, it is easy to roll out new features and messaging, update data access, and give your users the tools they need to do the job at hand.


Process Management


To manage your processes, people, and production effectively in times of change, you need a solution that adapts to your business, rather than forcing your business to fit a rigid set of processes and procedures. With Infor CloudSuite Industrial’s extensible framework, you can define your own business processes to make the system work the way you need it to — without incurring the high cost and delays involved in modifying or writing new code.


Enterprise Data & Business Analytics


Your shot-callers need accurate and up-to-date information in order to make sound business decisions. In times of crisis, you don’t want to have to stop, look around, and calculate. You need to look forward and take action. Infor CloudSuite Industrial and Birst Business Intelligence and Analytics provide accurate data and real-time insights across the entire enterprise so you have the information you need to steer your company on the right course.


Cloud Accessibility


As we’re seeing with the 2019-2020 COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, sometimes disruption keeps people from being in their usual places. This can bring a company to a grinding halt if people can’t access systems and do their jobs. By putting your ERP in the cloud, crucial business can still get done. You can exercise caution and take care of your people. Keeping your employees and customers safe is always a top priority.


Be Ready for Anything With Infor CloudSuite Industrial


In times of crisis or even just concern, companies can be thrown into chaos. When faced with uncertainty, will you choose action or inertia? Both can be equally damaging if not handled properly. We are here to help you react appropriately using the enterprise software tools you’ve so carefully invested in to guide your decisions. Be ready to handle disruption, change, and whatever else comes your way with Guide Technologies and Infor CloudSuite Industrial.


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