June 29, 2017

Celebrating 20 Years of ERP Expertise

2017 marks an important milestone here at Guide Technologies. It’s our anniversary! We are celebrating twenty years of ERP expertise for complex manufacturers.

Twenty years ago this June, Guide Technologies made its debut as an ERP software consulting company for complex manufacturers. In the decades since, we have worked with hundreds of manufacturers, helping them make better decisions and run more efficiently by choosing and implementing the right software solutions for their business.

As anyone over the age of, well, twenty can tell you, twenty years can fly by in what feels like an instant. Only by looking back and comparing where you are today versus where you started out can you truly appreciate how far you’ve come. Some the greatest changes we’ve seen for ERP and manufacturing include the rise of the Cloud, SaaS, automation, mobile technology, high speed connectivity, and big data.

Twenty is a significant number for us here at Guide, not just because of our anniversary milestone, but because it represents the average years of experience each of our expert consultants has in the manufacturing industry.

When we say “experience,” we don’t just mean time spent pushing software. We mean real-world, hands-on, in-the-field experience working at manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric, Biomet, Ferno-Washington, Inc., AeroControlex Group, and Conn-Selmer Inc.

When we say, “experts,” we don’t just mean that we are good with technology. We mean understanding how manufacturing businesses operate, how they can succeed, and how they can properly leverage technology to make success happen.

That is the core strength that makes Guide the best in the business.

“A lot has changed over the past twenty years,” said Guide Technologies President Fred Cramer, “but our mission here at Guide has held its course — to help manufacturers maximize the ROI they achieve from their technology investments. We thank all of our clients for making these past 20-years so rewarding. Here’s to twenty more.”

What is twenty years of ERP experience and expertise worth to your business? Request a Value Discovery Consultation to find out.