September 29, 2017

All About Infor

If you’ve ever been through the process of evaluating ERP solutions for your manufacturing business, then you have likely earned your badge in decoding features and specifications. So much of the purchasing process revolves around charts and checklists and making sure all the requirements are met. The hope is that this creates a process of elimination, thereby revealing the One True Solution for your needs.

It doesn’t always go as expected.

Sometimes, more than one solution fits the bill. Other times, no solution checks all the boxes, leaving you with a shortlist of options that might work, with the right extensions and customizations.

At this point, it becomes clear that the search for an ERP solution is about more than just the technology. It is also about the providers and the partners that support them.

As one of those partners since the mid-1990’s, Guide Technologies has helped hundreds of manufacturers select and implement ERP solutions. Over the years we have identified the qualities in an ERP solution that add up to not just a good fit, but true success and business growth. We have found that Infor® is consistently the best solution for the widest range of manufacturers. Not only does the technology meet our clients’ features and specifications requirements, but Infor as a company has a lot of qualities that spell success for our customers.

These are three of the top reasons why we at Guide Technologies have chosen to dedicate our talent and expertise to implementing and supporting Infor solutions as a Gold Channel Partner. We share this information today to help those who are making one of the most important decisions about their business.

Infor Addresses Industry-Specific Needs

With Infor, your industry isn’t an afterthought. It’s front and center. Infor offers industry-specific solutions spanning nearly 100 verticals. Its user base includes 18 of the Top 20 Aerospace companies, 7000+ industrial machinery manufacturers, 17 of the top 20 industrial distributors, 21 of the 25 largest U.S. healthcare delivery networks, more than 2000 chemical manufacturing companies, and 18 of the top 20 global retailers. Guide Technologies has successfully implemented Infor solutions in a wide range of industries, and we can honestly say that it makes a real difference. That is why we echo that industry-specific service in our own business, pairing clients with consultants who have relevant experience in their vertical.

Infor Offers Options

Industry-specific ERP software suites. Cloud, Hosted, SaaS, or On-Prem delivery. Flexibility and power. Complementary products and enhancements…It is no exaggeration to say, there is an Infor solution for every manufacturing business need. Beyond the scope of the options themselves, we appreciate Infor’s commitment to adapting its solutions to your business. One of our favorite phrases here at Guide is, “It isn’t just the technology. It’s how the technology is used.” With Infor, we have the options and flexibility to ensure that the solutions we implement for our clients will be used effectively and efficiently throughout the business to maximize revenue and ROI.

Infor Invests in its Future and Yours

When making a long-term-investment purchase for your business, it is critical to see a solution for not only what it is today, but what it will be in the future. Will the developers continue to innovate? Will your software continue to be supported and updated for the foreseeable future? Infor is very much a forward-thinking business. It currently serves 90,000 customers in 170 countries with 15,000 employees. This broad foundation allows Infor the strength to branch out and push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve through business software. Infor has invested $2 billion in product design and development over the past five years. Guide Technologies is confident that Infor will continue to lead — and so will our clients.

There you have it. If you’re exploring a change in your ERP environment or are considering implementing for the first time, Guide Technologies can help. As an Infor Gold Channel Partner we have plenty of experience and expertise to offer. Contact us and we’ll connect you to one of our seasoned industry-specific consultants to get started.