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Many companies have written systems "outside" their Infor XA ERP to more closely manage and monitor their A/R collections. Ideally, a Collections Manager would have a quick "dashboard" that would show all the information in one place about a customer, an invoice, payments aging, notes & activities, etc. It would be even better if it was developed in Powerlink with drill down capability and powerful reporting. Now, add the ability to have multiple contacts, phone numbers, and email addresses for a single customer with ability to add notes at either a customer or invoice level and you would have Guide's A/R Collections & Follow-Up product.


Provides seamless add-on capability within the Accounts Receivable department for all collections and customer / invoice follow-up activities. The following attributes have been added as complements to the Infor ERP XA IDF environment:

  • Customer Receivables
  • Number of days from the Age Date
  • Number of days from the Due Date
  • Number of days from the first activity
  • Number of days from the last activity
  • Customer
  • Average number of days to pay

Reporting can be done in many different ways based on these additional attributes and capturing of the data.

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  • View and maintain contacts, phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Create and track activities, including follow-up reminders
  • Create and view notes at the customer and/or invoice level
  • View all Customer Receivables and Collection Incidents for a customer
  • Accounts Receivable Invoices can be selected for Collections automatically by date. The date selection can take place on one of four different dates:
    • Due date
    • Age date
    • First transaction date
    • Last transaction date
  • A/R Collections & Follow Up Screenshots
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