October 11, 2018

5 Free Resource Sheets for ERP Project Success

Studies have shown that 33% of all major IT software projects are not completed on time and 66% go over budget. Even worse, 17% of software projects fail to deliver on their promised benefits. Source: McKinsey-Oxford, Delivering large-scale IT projects on time, on budget, and on value

Many companies focus heavily on implementation when seeking to control ERP project costs and timelines. Implementation is certainly important, but what about the rest of the project? There are plenty of opportunities at all stages for things to go wrong and run off-track, starting all the way back at Research and continuing on through Maximization.

There are also many chances during a project to get things right.

Guide Technologies has a 95% on-time, on-budget track record of success for our clients. We earn these results by putting our hands-on industry knowledge and decades of experience to work and following proven practices and processes throughout every project.

Below are five free PDF resource sheets we have created with tips and information you can use to be more successful with ERP at every stage of your project. Not sure which one fits you best? Review them all! Or click here to take our quiz and Find Your ERP Persona.

Click to Download Your Free PDF Resource Sheets: