September 29, 2018

3 Essential Tips for Evaluating an ERP Partner

Choosing the right ERP Partner is as important as selecting the right software. A good partner will make sure you select the best mix of products available, guide you smoothly through implementation, and be there for you in the long run with support and maintenance.

At the heart of the search for a partner are four essential questions:

  1. How will you help me make the right choice of products for me needs? Why can I feel confident that you understand my business?
  1. How will you support me during implementation? What is your process like? Is training included?
  1. How will you support me after the sale? How do you manage updates and upgrades?
  1. How has working with you turned out for other companies? What experience and qualifications do you have? What outcomes have you helped your clients achieve?

Asking these questions, however, is much easier than finding the answers.

Here are three tips from Guide Technologies to help you be more effective in answering essential questions while evaluating an ERP partner.

1. Communicate Your Needs

Start by setting clear and concise goals for what you ultimately want. Communicate this to the providers you are evaluating, and then listen carefully. Are they listening to your goals and adapting their conversations accordingly? Or are they sticking to generics? That could be a red flag that your success is not their top priority. That should make narrowing the field a little easier.

2. Get to Know Each Other

Once you’ve eliminated the weaker players from your search, it is a good idea to invest a little time in getting to know the select companies left at the top of your shortlist. Arrange for meetings or conference calls between your team and theirs. Shoot to involve not just sales and satisfaction reps, but also the various players who will be doing the legwork.

3. Dissect the Demo

A good software demo is more than a “greatest hits” compilation of features and functionality. It should showcase the areas that relate most to your current needs and pressure points. Be wary of “demos” that consist only of PowerPoint slides. The demo should involve the actual software.

It is Guide’s ultimate goal to partner with your manufacturing organization to empower you to derive maximum business value from your investment now, and well into the future. Contact us to start your journey.