Infor XA Webseries: Turn information in to action with Birst

Birst is a pioneer of cloud-native business intelligence, analytics, and data visualization. Birst is a unique, comprehensive platform for sourcing, refining, and presenting standardized data insights at scale to drive smart decisions. The Birst business intelligence platform is a rich, simplified end-to-end BI suite in the cloud.

WHEN:  July 24, 2018
WHEN:  August 2, 2018

Birst’s unique cloud BI tools meet the needs of both IT and business users. During our presentation we’ll discuss these benefits:

  • Consume data your way. Birst’s adaptive user experience gives you a host of self-service analytics and data consumption options.
  • Enable data as a service. Birst’s user data tier allows self-service access to both governed and ungoverned data and metrics.
  • Everyone is cloud-connected. Birst’s multi-tenant cloud architecture allows users, teams, departments and IT to instantly share findings and data.

Join our presentation and learn how other XA customers are leveraging Birst in their businesses. With Birst there has never been a better time to make business analytics work for you!