Infor XA 4 Part Web-Series: Part 3, The Future is here with Net-Link, XA HTML !

Thursday, May 28 @ 12:30 ET 

Net Link is the new standard interface for Infor XA!

During this webinar Rick Altenau, Guide Technologies XA Expert, will discuss the current status of Net Link, which is the roadmap for several upgrades within XA. Most importantly, Rick will show how XA users can use Net Link TODAY as your primary interface to XA. Eliminate your “Host Presentation Server” (IDF-L1) and use Net Link as your single signon to XA and all remaining green screen applications (including your custom applications).

If you are looking to improve remote performance over Power Link, if you are hoping to eliminate remote desktop servers &/or Citrix for your XA environment, or if you are thinking of moving to the cloud, you do not want to miss this webinar!

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