Infor CSI 4 Step Web-Series: Step 1, The Basics of Infor OS

Thursday, September 24| 2:00 - 3:00PM

The goal of this Infor CSI 4 Step Web-Series is for attendees to not only a gain a deeper understanding of Infor OS, but empower users to take it a step further and start using Infor OS in their organizations immediately. Infor OS is the operating service for the future, its focus is on delivering technology that goes beyond enabling business—to driving it, putting the user at the center of every experience.

During 'Step 1, The Basics of Infor OS' Pat Armour, Guide Technologies CSI Expert, will break down Infor OS and walk CSI users through the major components including Ming.le, ION Desk, and Coleman AI. The hour long webinar will include feature/function discussions, how to tips, interactive demos, and Q/A.


Save the Dates

Step 2: Step 2, Workflows & Monitors, Streamline your Organization - Thursday, 9/24 @ 2PM ET

Step 3: Mongoose Application Builder, Simplify CSI App Development - Thursday, 11/19 @ 2PM ET

Step 4: Advanced Components of Infor OS, Tips & Tricks - Tuesday, 12/15 @ 2PM ET