[Guide Webinar] XA Service Management Isn’t Just About Service Anymore…

Thursday, July 29 @ 2PM ET

Service organizations are no longer just about satisfying customers and containing costs. They have become potential profit centers, and are being recognized as critical components of today’s organizations. Infor XA Service Management powered by RMB Solutions is a single, unified system that eliminates the need for costly and cumbersome manual methods.

During this webinar Joe Crow, RMB Solutions VP of Operations, will discuss and demo new features and functionalities such as:

  • Repair Depot, Field Service, Warranty & Service Contracts, Rental Contracts, and 3rd party warranty process
  • IoT solution drives additional service revenue
  • Customer and 3rd party facing portals for 24/7 access
  • Mobile dashboards for monitoring key indicators

Joe will also present several customer success stories and discuss which best practices they used and how they achieved ROI.

Infor XA Service Management powered by RMB Solutions not only streamlines processes, it provides a centralized knowledge base for better tracking and dissemination of product/service information, and makes analysis of your entire organization possible. Join this event to learn about the how you can cut cost, save time, and make your organization more efficient today!