5 Part CSI Web-Series: Part 5 'Infor OS Tech Stack, simple solutions for everyday CSI issues’

Thursday, May 14 @ 2:00pm ET

Infor OS is the operating service for the future, designed to serve as the foundation for your entire enterprise. From collaboration and extensibility to AI and in-context business intelligence, Infor OS helps maximize the potential of your people and your technology.
Infor OS delivers user productivity, business process management and Coleman AI to Infor CSI users.

During this webinar Pat Armour will review various IOS components and discuss their benefits and use cases. Infor CSI users will gain a deeper understanding of what Infor IOS means, what are the key components, and the real world value it delivers.

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Webinar Highlights

  • Ming.le (Single Sign On (Switcher), Homepages, Chat, Coleman, In context, Mobile)
  • Infor Document Management
  • Birst
  • ION (ION Desk, ION API, ION Workflow)
  • Data Lake, PAAS