5 Part CSI Web-Series: Part 3 'Factory Track, automation from plant floor to warehouse’

The manufacturing industry has seen great turbulence over the past decade. Global competition has reached new heights. Customers expect products more quickly than ever—and at a lower cost. To keep up with these demands, manufacturers have to improve their operational processes. Advances in IT and manufacturing technology are widespread, but the most basic process improvement—automating the shop floor—still holds the greatest potential for streamlining activities, trimming waste, and boosting profitability.

Automation at the factory floor level is the foundation for a holistic manufacturing transformation. Infor Factory Track is an end-to-end manufacturing automation solution, along with warehouse mobility, traceability, and tools for tracking labor and time. Designed to help companies streamline production, properly inventory materials, speed inventory operations, keep labor costs in control, and integrate with Infor CloudSuite Industrial.

During this webinar Helmuth Cote, Guide Senior CSI Consultant, will walk through the different areas of Infor Factory Track and their many benefits to Infor CloudSuite users.

Webinar Highlights

  • Time Track
    • Employees, Clock in/out
  • Shop Floor
    • Capturing Labor, Capturing Production, Issuing Material, Serial Tracked?, Lot Tracked?, “Team” Reporting, QC In-Process Interface
  • Warehouse Mobility
    • Get It – Receiving incl. interface to QC Supplier & RMA, Move It, Make It, Ship It, Shipping incl interface to PPS & QC Customer, Cycle Counts & Physical Inventory

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